Talk of Pr. Basem Shihada

Basem Shihada

IoT: a Journey from Wireless Sensor Devices to Data Centers


In this talk, I will take you through a quick journey in the IoT domain. I will identify the unique quality of service (QoS) needs of emerging IoT applications. I will talk about the recent advances in delay reduction and buffer management in IoT traffic and propose SADIQ system. SADIQ provides location-aware, context driven QoS for IoT applications by allowing applications to express their requirements using a location-based abstraction and a high-level SQL-like policy language, and the network to support these requirements through recent advances in SDNs. SADIQ is implemented using commodity OpenFlow-enabled switches and an open-source SDN controller and evaluate its effectiveness using traces from two real IoT applications. SADIQ system source code is made publicly available for the research community.


Basem is an associate and founding professor of computer science and electrical engineering in the Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences & Engineering (CEMSE) Division at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Before joining KAUST in 2009, he was a visiting faculty at the Computer Science Department in Stanford University. His current research covers a range of topics in energy and resource allocation in wired and wireless communication networks, including wireless mesh, wireless sensor, multimedia, and optical networks. He is also interested in SDNs, IoT, and cloud computing. In 2012, he was elevated to the rank of Senior Member of IEEE.