Talk of Prof. Giovanni Geraci

Giovanni Geraci

What will Wi-Fi 8 be? A primer on IEEE 802.11bn Ultra High Reliability


What will Wi-Fi be in 2030? As hordes of data-hungry devices challenge its current capabilities, the IEEE strikes again with 802.11be while also paving the way for its successor: 802.11bn. These brand-new amendments promise a (r)evolution of unlicensed wireless connectivity as we know it, unlocking access to gigabit, reliable, and low-latency communications. With the development of Wi-Fi 7 underway and the standardization of Wi-Fi 8 about to kick off, we will discuss the must-have features to make wireless the new wired.


Giovanni Geraci is a Principal Research Scientist at Telefonica and an Associate Professor and the Head of Telecommunications at Univ. Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. He was previously with Nokia Bell Labs and holds a dozen patents on wireless technologies. He serves as an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer and the impact of his contributions has been recognized with the IEEE ComSoc Outstanding Young Researcher Award for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Two of his publications, including a book, are listed in the IEEE ComSoc Best Readings, two more received IEEE Best Paper Awards, and his research has featured three times on La Vanguardia, the leading newspaper in Catalonia, Spain.