Talk of Prof. Mohammad-Ali Khalighi

Mohammad-Ali Khalighi

Augmenting Internet of Underwater Things by Optical Wireless Communications


We are currently witnessing an expansion of human activities in underwater environments such as environmental monitoring, underwater exploration, offshore oil field exploration/monitoring, disaster prevention, etc., which has increased demands for reliable and secure underwater communication systems. In particular, with the increasing use of robotics in underwater missions and recent advances in the design and development of autonomous underwater vehicles, broadband underwater links are needed with substantially improved performance. In such an Internet of underwater things paradigm, underwater wireless optical communication (UWOC) is a promising technology that can offer very high data rates, low delay latencies and low energy consumption, in addition to having a rather low impact on the environment. This talk reviews the most recent advances in the UWOC links with a focus on the techniques to increase the link robustness, range, and data rate.


Dr. Ali Khalighi is Associate Professor with École Centrale Marseille, Marseille, France, and head of “Optical Communications for IoT” group at Fresnel Institute research lab. He is serving as Action Chair for the COST Action CA19111 NEWFOCUS (European Network on Future Generation Optical Wireless Communication Technologies), and was the Project Coordinator for the H2020 ITN MSCA VisIoN project (Visible-light-based Interoperability and Networking). He has co-edited the book “Visible Light Communications: Theory and Applications” (CRC Press, 2017) and was the co-recipient of the 2019 Best Survey Paper Award of the IEEE Communications Society. He is also serving as Editor-at-Large for the IEEE Transactions on Communications, and served as Associate Editor for the IET Electronics Letters as well as Guest Editor for the IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society and Elsevier Optik journal. His main research interests include signal processing for wireless communication systems and Internet-of-Things with an emphasis on free-space, underwater, and indoor visible-light optical communications