Talk of Prof. Mehdi Bennis

Mehdi Bennis

Extreme Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communication


This talk aspires at providing a fresh and in-depth look into URLLC by first examining the limitations of 5G URLLC, and putting forward key research directions for the next generation of URLLC, coined eXtreme ultra-reliable and low-latency communication (xURLLC). xURLLC is underpinned by three core concepts: (1) it leverages recent advances in machine learning (ML) for faster and reliable data-driven predictions; (2) it fuses both radio frequency (RF) and non-RF modalities for modeling and combating rare events without sacrificing spectral efficiency; and (3) it underscores the much needed joint communication and control co-design, as opposed to the communication-centric 5G URLLC.


Dr Mehdi Bennis is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu, Finland, Academy of Finland Research Fellow and head of the intelligent connectivity and networks/systems group (ICON). His main research interests are in radio resource management, heterogeneous networks, game theory and distributed machine learning in 5G networks and beyond. He has published more than 200 research papers in international conferences, journals and book chapters. He has been the recipient of several prestigious awards including the 2015 Fred W. Ellersick Prize from the IEEE Communications Society, the 2016 Best Tutorial Prize from the IEEE Communications Society, the 2017 EURASIP Best paper Award for the Journal of Wireless Communications and Networks, the all-University of Oulu award for research and the 2019 IEEE ComSoc Radio Communications Committee Early Achievement Award. Dr Bennis is an editor of IEEE TCOM and Specialty Chief Editor for Data Science for Communications in the Frontiers in Communications and Networks journal.